Monday, December 30, 2013

One the seventh day of Newton: role-playing (and a birthday!)

So, another pal has a birthday today (don't we call these late-year births deduction babies?) and this gives me the perfect excuse to post this great Wonder Woman panel that I got from who knows where (but here's a random citation) because she (my pal, not WW) has one of the best analytical minds that I know and is smart about gender and identity politics and has played house in any number of ways herself and I thought she'd appreciate it:

Anyway, happy birthday, Wheylona!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

On the sixth day of Newton: crystal mash (and a birthday!)

So, it's a pal's birthday today, and he deserves some special recognition for this particular trip around the sun, during which he acquitted himself admirably under especially trying circumstances.
What better way to celebrate than a mash-up of the classic comic-book Twinkie ads with Walter White and that lovable scamp, Jesse Pinkman.

Best Birthday, Buddy! May 2014 be Breaking Beautiful!

Friday, December 27, 2013

On the fourth day of Newton: Geek Girls! (and guys)

So,  because it was such a Busy Quarter™, I didn't post (or make) my annual Geek Girl Con video this year. But I did indeed go to Geek Girl Con 3 back in October, keeping intact my record of having attended every one that has been held. Here are some photos, mostly of the cosplay:

My buddy Margaret came to the con with me, since Wonder Wife begged off from the crowds/noise/overstimulation/&c. Margaret was Bilbo the first day and Kaylee the second day, with stuff she just happened to have around. (She actually dresses pretty much like a hobbit most of the time anyway....)

Okay, I neglected to write down this girl's name, and she wasn't a cosplayer, but she played with us in a role-playing game whose mechanic was not dice-based but rather jenga-based. And she was like a jenga superhero - I mean, she must have had mutant jenga abilities or something. She kicked ass. I don't know how you could use that ability to fight crime, but she was a good gamer and a sweet kid. Margaret will remember her name.

Lots of crossplay:  here's a Doctor and a Link.

This awesome Skyrim lady was also very patient with me as I tried to capture her spooky lit-up eyes.

I met one of my former students at the Con - she's the Snow White with her friend, another Link.

This Gears of War/Hello Kitty mashup guy was telling me in the restroom about designing costumes to make sure he could, uh, use the restroom easily.

Awesome Robin I had to snap for Super Sissy.

GGC has a place for folks to sit quietly, read, rest, and recharge (not talking). I texted this pic to Wonder Wife and it made her decide that she would come next year after all!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

On the third day of Newton: secret identity

So, last time here I showed you how I enjoy the holidays. Here's how Wonder Wife does it:

The holidays can both enrich and exasperate, especially for someone who is more introverted in the first place.  (Wife considered this recently on her own grown-up blog.) I don't get it totally, but I do try to understand and work with it. As long as I can get Chocos, I'll be happy!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On the first day of Newton: Holiday cookies!

So, the Twelve Days of Christmas are traditionally those festive days between Christmas and the feast if the Epiphany. In a new tradition, we're going to up the ante, with the Thirteen Days Of Newton, comprising those festive days between the eve of Isaac Newton's Birthday (which coincidentally falls on December 25th) and my wedding anniversary (which coincidentally falls on Epiphany). Let's kick it off!

This is how I celebrate the holidays:

My affection for the Martian Manhunter is well known, but I am not sure I have ever commented on how much I liked the period of Justice League when J'onn J'onzz displayed the quirk of being a big fan of Oreos - called Chocos on the comics (for legal reasons, I guess). And it wasn't just that this trait humanized the often flat characterization given to the character.

You see, when I was younger and had a higher metabolism, I would eat Oreos like they were going out of style. I'd pile 'em on a plate or paper towel and toss 'em in my mouth like potato chips. I could get through most of a package in one sitting. As I got older, I started rationing my Oreo intake, and then stopped buying them altogether, not so much because I outgrew the taste but rather because I was starting to eat better generally. So I could totally get J'onn's obsession.

The exception to my Oreo moratorium is the holiday season. I like to end the year with a little indulgence, and for me, that means unconditional Oreo consumption, at least for a week or so.

So bring on the little chocolate wafers with the white creamy filling: I am ready.