Sunday, August 12, 2012

Geek Girl Con 2012

This weekend is Seattle was is (it's still going on) Geek Girl Con 2012.  I wrote about this event last year, when I attended the inaugural event; the con has already picked up a head of steam, grown in size and depth, and moved to a bigger and better location. GGC is ahead of the curve and well on its way to becoming a Big Thing®, and I'll be able to say I was there Back In The Day.

I can't go today and so could only attend yesterday's session, and I didn't even get to stay around for the Con-Cert, which included one of my favorite alt-nerd sister acts, The Doubleclicks, always one of the biggest draws (for me) at any geek event. But even though I could only attend for a brief time, I got the same great feeling of inclusion, community, and creativity that I felt last year - this really is a special kind of event and one of the few occasions that makes me wish I had a daughter, if only so I could bring her here.

I made a smartphone video again, this time focusing on the cosplay and crossplay. I hope Angela & Aubrey don't mind that I used their music for the background.


  1. A wonderful thing...but I hope I can be forgiven for hoping that one day it will be considered unnecessary because every corner of fandom will have become inclusive and show total gender parity, and all the exclusionary behaviors that make explicitly female-friendly spaces a necessity will have shriveled into extinction. In other words, I'm hoping for the day all conventions are like this one!

  2. I agree with you 100% - this is a fine first step forward toward that. Maybe someday it will just be Geek Con.