Monday, February 10, 2014

Random Geekage

So, here's some stuff that's just been hanging about for a bit:

Have you every played Arkham Horror? Heckuva game. Maybe two-three hours of gameplay, and only four days to set things up:

Seriously, it makes Carcassonne look like tic-tac-toe. But it is fun.

This was my desk display a while back:

Yeah, I noticed the D20 isn't lying correctly. I've changed offices (and jobs) anyway.

And here's something Super Sissy gave me as a gift:

(Yes, I noticed that the D20 is again out of position.) 

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with them. I feel that they all should be eaten at once; otherwise, it would be like losing a die. But that's too much chocolate for me to eat all at once. I thought of bringing it to to the game and sharing it, but I DM for a party of six, so that would mean I don't get any.

A colleague at work is fighting (and beating) a major health challenge, and some frineds of hers gave her this for inspiration:

I'm not sure whether it reminds me more of the Ross Andru WW or the Dick Giordano WW, but it was sure nice to see a superhero-themed artifact at work that I had nothing to do with!

The prodigious Mark Evanier posted this picture a little while back:

I am not the biggest Laurel & Hardy fan, but I sure do love me some Spy Smasher. A quick check of the Grand Comics Database revealed that this was the October, 1942 issue. Under Stan's hand there is a photo inset of Kane Richmond. who starred in the serialized motion picture Spy Smasher based on the comics.

(It's not this picture, but I like this one, too.)

It just so happened that just a day or so before I came across the Laurel & Hardy photo, I had been watching the Spy Smasher serial. On my laptop. On an airplane. What a world. Anyway, it made me wonder what the connection was, but I can't find any.

Well, that's the ice broken. I think regular blogging will recommence now.

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