Saturday, May 3, 2014

Doin' it right

So, today was Free Comic Book Day again! You might recall that my FCBD experience last year was a bit disappointing and I told you all about it; well, this time, one of my local comic shops did it right, so I'm going to make a big deal of that, too!

Dreamstrands Comics in Greenwood turned the day into a special event - I felt like I was at a preview of Geek Girl Con. Let's go to the videotape!

I was pleased to see (a) so many people supporting a local business (b) so many families coming out together for a little fun and (c) a retailer who went the extra mile to show he gets what this should be all about. 

Pleased but not surprised by that last: Dreamstrands has consistently delivered great customer service every time I have shopped there.

The FCBD give-aways they had this year were great. Here are a few:

I found a new hardcover, The Atomic Legion from Dark Horse. It looks like a slightly goofier take on the same sort of themes explored in Marvel's The Twelve, with great EC-esque artwork.

And look what I found in the three-for-a-buck bin! Some online price guide I selected at random says it's worth four bucks - woo-hoo! 

Actually, I have a friend who is a Dazzler completist, and I am not sure she has this.

So, congratulations, Dreamstrands, for doing it right. See you next year!

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