Saturday, June 20, 2015

That's a very low DC on a Craft: Felt skill check

So, whenever I have gone to the Value Village, I have kept my eye out for a wooden box that meets certain specifications. I needed it to be small, but not too small; to be hinged, with a lid that opened 180 degrees (or close to that); and not to look dorky, with puppies or rainbows or some other silly stuff on it. The other day, I finally found it:

It's about four inches across and an inch-and-a-half high. I'm not sure if that critter is a turtle looking up and to the left or a rabbit looking over its shoulder to the right, but it was good enough. 

To make this completely serviceable, I needed some felt, easily obtained from pal JK (who is a real Maker and has all sorts of crafty goods). She kindly left a nice chocolate brown swatch in my mailbox at work, and I got to crafting.

To wit: I cut out liners for the bottom of the box and top of the lid and glued them in. Woo-hoo!

Why this fussing? For this:

A nice dice-tossing box. Looks cool, holds the dice for transport, control the rolls, and keeps me from throwing the dice across the table. The addition of the felt lining tones down the clack-clack noises just enough.

Here's an action shot:

Well, it's not like I am ready for Urban Craft Uprising or anything, but it is a step in the lo-fi direction I seem to be taking these days.

And I have a cool box.

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