Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Just Cos

So, there's a complex post on the Taxonomy of Cosplay™ in the pipeline, but here's my idea for my own cosplay at the next con I attend.

Wonfer Wife and I have been watching The Finder, another cancelled one-season wonder, a sort-of spin-off from Bones but based on a different series of books. It qualifies as sci-fi in a half-baked way: the titular protagonist, Walter Sherman, suffered a brain injury while serving in Iraq and gained the ability to see patterns and connections that others can't. He uses this preternatural ability to help people find things - missing evidence, stolen goods, and so on. Whatever. Anyway, his sidekick and attorney is Leo Knox, played by the late, great Michael Clarke Duncan and it's a cosplay made in heaven: I already have the wardrobe.

See what I mean? Now, admittedly, the series is set in Florida, so Leo's color palette skews a little bit lighter than my Seattle basic black, but given the new-normal, warmer summer we are having up here, I have already filled my closet with some more beige and taupe shirts, so that's covered.

All I really need are some black sleeveless t-shirts, which Leo always wears underneath. Oh yeah - and much bigger guns.

For the record: I am 86% of Duncan's height, 67% of his weight, and my biceps are 59% his size. Close enough for cosplay - look out con!

Bonus coolness:  MCD was a vegetarian!

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