Monday, April 29, 2013

D&D Monday Funnies

So, posting about the intersection of D&D and TV Westerns yesterday got me to thinking about other D&D crossovers or mashups, and there it turned out there was enough random stuff on the hard drive for a little art gallery:

This one isn't noteworthy so much as a mashup as it for how it expresses the turf this blog stakes out (three out of the six bands on the spectrum).

 From the delightful webcomic Tweep

Superheroes play RPG, canon:

Tim Drake as the "Gamemaster." Clip floating around Tumblr and such for a while.

Superheroes play RPG, imaginary story:

Wonderful stuff from kylelatino on deviantart

Okay, this next one is really only funny if you remember I teach at a community college:

 From the great Order of the Stick webcomic.

And, let's leave it with a showstopper:

 Self-portait by postmoderntease on deviantart

D&D paraphernalia, comics apparel, game controllers, a light sabre, and a pretty girl. Now that's a mashup.

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