Monday, April 15, 2013

I wonder about this

Nu, I was looking for a showgirl image to commemorate the first visit to Las Vegas by a friend of mine and found this vintage clip art:

I didn't use it, but it immediately put me in mind of something else. A few minutes Googling found this:

That's a cosplayer named Riddle as Wonder Woman from Amazonia, the Elseworlds story set in the 19th century. I know we could catalog specific differences in individual details, but man, it sure strikes me as the same look. Since I gather that in this version, Wonder Woman spends some time as a stage performer in hyper-misogynistic England, I guess it makes sense.

And if nothing else, this exercise showed me how much easier it is to get Amazonia cosplay or action figure images than panel grabs from the actual comic.

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