Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Figure follow-up

So, a couple of years ago I posted about finding some Hebrew Heroes at Value Village. I was walking through the other day and found some guys that looked awfully familiar:

While the design and coloring seem pretty close, there are differences: for example, all these guys have gray bases, while the Israelites had no base or a partial brown base. Further, these guys don't have butt-stamps with their individual names, like Joshua and Judah did - the first two just have "Egyptian" stamped on the underside of the bases, and the crusader figure is totally unmarked.

(On a side note, it was interesting that these guys had been disarmed somewhere along the way...  a pacifist parent, perhaps?)

I am still no closer to uncovering the background of these figures, other than to note that these are from the Marx toy company (which went out of business 35 years ago and now just runs a museum). I imagine an old toy series called "Religious Wars and Warriors throughout History," or something like that, with all sorts of figures representing different sectarian conflicts. Collect 'em all!

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