Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm not quite sure what to make of this

So, I was on campus the other day and stopped in the student-run snack bar/coffee shop for a bite to eat. The counter attendant/barista was wearing a pretty cool T-shirt and she let me take a picture:

At first I thought it was band merch, given the design; I saw a list of cities in the word balloon that could have represented the tour. But then I found out that La Notte is just a service mark of Aritzia Apparel and the design was probably random; they seem to do a lot of hip, Urban Outfitters type of design, with lots of BROOKLYN and such.

This looks to me like old Kirby artwork. In particular, the woman reminds me a lot of his Sif. The man seems a little more generic, but I do recall that style of helmet on The Guardian.

Let's look a little closer.

A quick Googling tells me that whoever these folks are, the man is reciting the chorus to rap/hip-hop artist Frank Ocean's Lost, a song about a drug mule.

Well, that doesn't help clear it up at all.

Any guesses? Or just total randomness?


  1. I'm going to guess it's an "inspired by" because I would think I would recognize most characters that Kirby drew when his art looked like that. And yet it certainly seems like the game the shirtmakers played was simply to swap out the dialogue, so, uh, I'm useless. Nice shirt, though.

  2. Hah. At least that was a good summary bringing us up to date...