Thursday, December 4, 2014

How'd I miss this guy?

So, my google-fu must be slipping: when preparing for this post about bison-themed heroes, I completely missed this character:

Buffaloman is a character from the superhero manga Kinnikuman; from what I can tell, he is a good guy, but it looks like he started out as a villain.

I am still not satisfied, despite the glorious golden-age name this guy carries; while he is an appropriately powerful character, he doesn't have quite the shagginess that I would expect from a bison-based hero. The Kinnikuman Wikia offers some clue:
The buffalo in his name more than likely comes from the water buffalo, as his Long Horns resemble theirs. Also, his hailing from Spain and his habit of charging forward with his Long Horns in front implies he may be inspired by bullfighting as well.
I think the musical motif of this video confirms that bullfighting connection:

Once again, we have been led down the primrose path: I guess I will have to keep searching for that perfectly-realized superhero based on the American Bison. Or not.

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