Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wonder Wife Wednesday: Fantastic

So, my sister sent me a gift just because. Just because it was comics-related and just because she is sweeter and more sentimental than she would ever let on. But here, let Wonder Wife help describe it for you:

Now, there's no way I would have expected Wonder Wife to get Karnak or Gorgon or Crystal, much less Wyatt Wingfoot, but besides Thing, maybe she should have been a little closer to the mark on the FF, since we did watch the first FF movie together.  Although she did in fact fall asleep during the climactic final battle.

That she did get Medusa says something about the purity of that character design. If I recall correctly, wasn't Madame Medusa created independently, and then retconned into the Inhumans with the ol' amnesia gag? That might be germane.

As always, thanks to Wonder Wife for being such a good sport about these pop quizzes.


  1. Medusa could've been retconned; I'm sure she appeared first. But mostly I wanted to say I'd love to read the comic Wonder Wife identified. It was great!

  2. Yeah, she spins quite a yarn sometimes...