Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 x 5 Movie Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

So, Wonder Wife and I actually saw a movie in the theater, and despite my prior disavowal of interest, it was the new Star Trek flick. Here's the five by five:

1. Is there such a thing as too much fanservice? The window, Carol, the shout, "I'm a doctor," and the cameo all say yes.

2. Without going through the whole crew-as-D&D-party schtick, Uhura is definitely the bard.

3. Wonder Wife reports that watching four seasons of Enterprise actually helped her understand the technobabble and track the events more closely.

4. So, if the killing of Gromek in Torn Curtain was a -1- on the movie-conflict scale, I think -10- used to be the ending of the Wild Bunch or Bonnie and Clyde. So we're up to, what, eleventy-seven now? Or we've switched to a logarithmic scale like earthquakes and warp drive. In any case, there sure was a lot of stuff blowing up and bodies flying and all that. It was loud, too. Or maybe I just don't go to enough movies.

5. Overall: engaging, if predictable.

Oh yes - and I don't know about where y'all are, but a movie-popcorn-soda date in Seattle now costs about forty bucks. And when did theaters start serving Mini Pancakes?

They were out, anyway.

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