Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So, on the way from Seattle to Spokane today, Wonder Wife and I ran into a Nail that changed our destiny: we had a two-hour delay while we waited for roadside assistance, and more while we got the tire replaced. Through the magic of wireless telephony, we had access to the internet while we waited for the wrecker to arrive, and I saw that a Google+ pal had re-posted an awesome deviantart poster/wallpaper illo featuring a metric boatload of geek heroes. Wonder Wife was looking over my shoulder at the image, and I got her to describe it for your edification.

Let's run some of those by one more time:

Flaming Boy!

The Rock Guy from That Movie! Where He Pounds Things!

Bruce Wayne! (He has a bow tie!)

American Guy!

Count Dracula! (He's got freaky things on!)

Jean-Luc Picard's son!

Vulcan Lady!

Anderson Cooper!

But you will notice she can pick J'onn J'onzz out of the crowd.

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  1. Your Wonder Wife not recognizing Matt Smith throws so many of my gender preconceptions into turmoil.

    (But let her know that there were a few characters who stumped me as well. And that I'm extremely concerned about her doctor.)