Sunday, July 24, 2016


So, let me just say for the record that it turned out to be a good thing that I didn't get San Diego Comic Con badges: it is clear that we would not have survived. While I have always know it intellectually, this weekend in Outside Comic Con has driven home viscerally that Comic Con is about two things: lines and crowds. Three exhibits:

Exhibit A:

See those tents outside the Convention Center? Those aren't exhibits: they are shade protection for the lines that form outside the center. What lines for what, you ask?

Exhibit B:

This is Brittany. We met Brittany at about 2 pm on Saturday. She was in the line designated for "Everything but Hall H" because she wanted to get in first in Sunday. Yes, she'd be camping there the the rest of the day and all night. And this is after she had been in the same line Friday ti get in early n Saturday, but when she had finally gotten in she way 'way to the back" and it wasn't worth staying.

Exhibit C:

This is the crowd that was perpetually gathered around the door of the Hard Rock Cafe, which was totally dedicated to the new Suicide Squad movie. As we wandered around the neighborhood, we had to go past this throng several times. All these people are waiting for a glimpse of a movie star walking from the exit of the club to a vehicle - that is, from that beige pillar on the right side of the photo to just past that traffic sign on the left side of the photo. This crowd never dispersed.

So, as we tried to make a day in this madness, here's how it went:

  • We went to an activation* for Thunderbirds Are Go!, the Amazon series. (An activation is a trailer with props, interactive events, and some more-or-less immersive experiences.)
  • We had brunch.
  • We went to an art gallery featuring a show of fifty artists celebrating Star Trek.
  • We toured Camp Conival, a mock nerd summer camp on the mezzanine of Petco Stadium.
  • We tried to find Gam3r Con, a small gaming convention that happens the same weekend, but it turned out to be really small and hard to find, and ultimately not worth the price if admission for the time we had to spend. We did get a nice walk in.
  • We hung out at a small cosplay photo shoot on top of the Convention Center.
  • We had a late lunch.
  • We went to an activation for Timeless, a new TV series.
  • We went to a Wonder Woman cosplay gathering.

We stood in line for about ten minutes and 25 minutes for the two activations, and had to shuffle through a security checkpoint to get into Petco Stadium, but otherwise no lines. Nonetheless, we were exhausted and called it a day by about 6:00 pm when our feet could take no more.

Here are some highlights.

Con-ish stuff:

My favorite part of the Thunderbirds activation was a display if the miniatures used in production, like this little city.

Free photo from the interactive portion of the activation.

The Star Trek art show was in a real gallery and had some nice pieces.

Camp Conival was kind of  hot mess - a ballpark does not have the best acoustics for podcast panels:

There were lots of goofy fun things, though.

The Timeless activation included Hindenburg zeppelin stuff, so of course I was interested.

Elvis impersonators on stilts promoting the newest Sharknado movie with the slogan "Viva Sharknado." I have no idea why.


Too much to record; here's just a few.

Enthusiastic Robin.

Passing alien.

Excellent Zena and Gabrielle.

Wonder Woman, Bombshell version.

Wonder Woman, classic Lynda Carter version.

Karminator's Wonder Woman cazh-play with free cardboard bracelets.

Random stuff:

We stopped in the Central Library and this art piece hung on the wall.

These trucks used to cruise Brooklyn when I was a kid - I hadn't seen this logo in a long time!

Very cool, if you ask me.

It had great wall art, too.

Don't know if this was directed at the nerd crowd or it it was just coincidental.

 Some things never get old: the crowd roared when this came by.


Hot tub + feet = ahhhh.

Fireworks from the area of the Con seen from the hotel balcony as we called it day.

Our flight back leaves tonight. Not sure how much energy either of us has for today.

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