Saturday, July 23, 2016

La Jolla Joliday

So, yesterday we did Comic Con in the lowest stress way possible: we went to the beach in La Jolla for a guided sea kayaking tour of the Underwater Park.

The morning paddlers.


Taking a beautiful trolley-then-bus ride out along the coast. Eating a wonderful brunch at an outdoor table in nice little restaurant. Taking a somewhat despairing walk along the beach trying to assess the thick mist/fog that seemed to be hugging the shoreline. Buying a cool pair of flip-up sunglasses and an ice cream cone as the mist cleared to a beautiful blue sky. Putting on sunscreen. Checking in with the tour company and renting what turned out to be the world's crappiest waterproof digital camera.


Discovering how crappy the digital camera was. Listening to instructions from the tour guide. Discovering that I could still paddle strong. Listening to not-bad patter from the tour guide. Discovering that I am still prone to occasional seasickness. Seeing sea lions up close. Discovering how hot it is on the open water during a heat wave in California. Getting caught in a six-kayak traffic jam inside a sea cave. Having a good time anyway. Making it back.


Crashing with dehydration, overheating, and hunger. Being semi-conscious all the way back to the hotel and then taking a nap. Having dinner in the room.  Realizing I like to eat more than twice a day. Eschewing any Comic Con activities in the evening for another nap and a tabletop game in the room. Realizing again how easy-going the Karminator is.  Watching San Diego public television coverage of Comic Con before going to sleep. Realizing that I didn't sunscreen my head and that the kayaking helmet slots left little sunburn streaks.

Post Script: 

Today we go into the belly of the beast! Well, not the belly, since we don't have badges, but maybe the  throat, or even just the lips. Outside Comic Con, here we come!

Just let me have breakfast first.

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