Sunday, June 2, 2013

Aptly categorized?

So, a friend was visiting from Boston and I decided to take him to visit Zanadu Comics, the legendary Seattle comic book store. As we strolled among the comics and graphic novels, and the now-mandatory action figures scattered about the displays, my eye was caught by a felicitous juxtaposition. There was a figure of the Batman comics character Harley Quinn in her Nu52 design on top of a bookshelf; here she is in all her blister-pack glory:

You'll forgive the all the glare and reflection, the result of the plastic following all the rather improbable curves of the figure. The box just happened to be sitting on top of a label intended to identify the genre of books below it, but in which I saw another meaning:

Why, yes, I am sure it is somebody's. Holy unintended signification, Batman!

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