Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The student surpasses the (dungeon) master

So, I finished my first quarter back in the classroom after more than two years last week. Students in my College Strategies course (that's the how-to-be-a-student class) gave a final presentation: they had to represent the course content via the metaphor of a map, and produce some sort of in-character role-play to explain it. Choices student teams made included a park ranger describing a camp to visitors, a travel agent planning an around-the-world trip, and things like that. One group decided to use a D&D dungeon crawl. They rolled dice and played at moving through a session, except the monsters were all assignments and activities from the class, and ... well, take a look.

Of course I loved it. I tried not to let my bias get in the way, but it really was a well-done project no matter what. Made my day.

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