Friday, June 28, 2013

Bomb Squad: Origins

So, I have already gone on record as a fan of the 2013 Disney film John Carter, which has been entered into the account books as an unmitigated bomb. I understand the numbers: if a movie costs $250 million to make, there's a chance for it to lose a lot of real money. I still dont undersatnd the critical response: it may not have been as witty as The Avengers, but it was every bit as visually appealing and engaging as Avatar or or any of the Pirates of the Caribbean entries, and those made a ton of money. But I am not going to beat that dead thoat any longer. This phenomenon, however, did get me thinking: if John Carter was a bomb, and it was actually awesome, maybe some other movies that were considered bombs are actually pretty good, too.

Here's the most recent listing of films that are the fifty biggest box-office bombs, courtesy of those crowdsource scholars at Wikipedia:

John Carter is the gold standard, coming it at the bottom of this list. I've highlighted the movies I have already seen in yellow; that leaves of lot of bomb disposal ahead. Some of them are films that I have wanted to see anyway; some are notorious; some I have never heard of. Wonder Wife has agreed to work our way through this list together, looking for diamonds amid the dross. I'll let you know how it turns out, of course.

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